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http://adrianwilcox.com Fri, 11 May 2018 15:30:39 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.6 Prime Minister Tony Blair Photos at World Leaders Conference http://adrianwilcox.com/tony-blair/ http://adrianwilcox.com/tony-blair/#respond Wed, 25 Apr 2012 02:09:04 +0000 http://adrianwilcox.com/?p=358 Over the past 10 years I have been fortunate enough to photograph some of the most influential people in the arena of politics and international affairs. I alway find dignitaries to be the most interesting people (even if I don’t always agree with their politics).

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair

After just having finished reading a book , “A Journey: My Political Life” by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, I was excited to be given the great opportunity to shoot Mr. Blair for the World Leaders Conference which happened to be hosted here in West Palm Beach at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

For this portrait I wanted to have a portrait one would expect to see in an old world portrait gallery. I also wanted to emphasize the character that the years have given to Prime Minister Tony Blair.

I must say, I was surprised by Tony Blair’s sense of humor and how down-to-earth he is. To hear him talk about his time on Downing Street and his desire to make the case for faith as a force for good in the modern world was really inspiring.

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The Long Road http://adrianwilcox.com/the-long-road/ http://adrianwilcox.com/the-long-road/#respond Mon, 12 Mar 2012 01:32:02 +0000 http://adrianwilcox.com/?p=281 In the closet in the back of my studio is a box full of slides; they are some of the hundreds of images I took in my first early years of photographing musicians about 14 years ago. At the time, many of them weren’t known to anyone but their families, managers and a handful of record industry types; many never made it past that moment in time, while others went on to become international “superstars”. The funny thing about those  images is that in that moment, I captured something in those people that no one had seen before, and if they had any measure of success, would probably never be seen again. For many of the people I photographed, I got the unique opportunity to get to know them before the rest of the world. In time, this is would become my favorite part of my “job”. To be the first to see the ambition, the excitement, and at times the disappointment that comes with a career in entertainment, music, and politics. I love photographing people in a way that shows who they are at that moment, and I hope that someday in the future they can look at those images and remember for themselves… a sort of “grounding” I guess.

In that same box is a print of the image you see here, which in a lot of ways is my grounding image. I originally saw this haunted house in another photographer’s portfolio a long time ago when I was just getting started myself. I asked them where it was, and about a year later, I was in Germany on a business trip for the record label and made a roadtrip to find and to shoot it.

“Haunted” by Adrian Wilcox (1998)

I got there just as the sun was setting and shot it from the road on a roll of old Kodak film with my camera sitting on the roof of the car since I had forgotten my tripod. That week when I got home, I changed just about everything in my life and those decisions are what ultimately resulted in my being in Palm Beach and doing what I am doing now. In a lot of ways, that old house in the woods on the Bavarian border marked the end of one long road in my life and the start of the much more exciting one I’m on now.

It focuses on real ready made wedding favours at a range of budget levels, providing great planning ideas for bride, groom, bridesmaids, hen, stag, dress, flowers, cakes and more.

So, now you are here on my new website, and my new blog. I hope to make this next milepost on the “Long Road” a place to not only show my current and favorite work, but to interact with other people who love art, music, culture and technology as much as I do. I can’t promise everything in this blog will be photography related, but I will try to keep it as interesting as I can. I often get emails asking a lot of “how did you do that?” type questions, so I imagine that I can use this as a venue to address some of those questions as well. If you have questions, or have an idea of something I should explore here, please drop me an email and share your thoughts. Looking forward to walking a little further down the long road with you!

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